First Turntable System

I have been wanting to purchase a turntable system for quite some time. 2016 is our 10th year wedding anniversary and to mark the occasion, we have decided to buy our first turntable system.

Ideal System

Being Japanese living in the UK, my ideal system would be made up of components made in the UK or Japan or by a UK or Japanese audio equipment manufacturer (without breaking the bank of course).

I am a beginner in the world of Hi-Fi equipment but have spent a few days doing research based on this criteria.


I quickly came across Rega Research, which is based in the UK. I also found out about a Glasgow based company called Linn Products but I thought it best to save Linn for when I have bought my country manor house.


I already had a few Japanese manufacturers in mind. While reading up on Rega turntables, Onkyo caught my eye.


I have found choosing a pair of decent but affordable speakers the most difficult part of putting together a turntable system. Initially I ignored my criteria and settled on DALI, a Danish manufacturer.

Audio T

Being beginners we wanted to speak to Hi-Fi experts from our local shop and buy there.

We paid our local Hi-Fi retailer, Audio T a visit. By speaking to a very knowledgeable sales person we learnt a number of things such as:

  • It is a good idea to put a blob of blutack under the speakers if you are not using speaker stands
  • The merits of different cable types
  • There are strangly named components, for example banana plugs and speakers called squawkers
  • The proper way to clean records

It would have been more difficult to find out about these things if we bought online.


Here is a list of the components we have ordered:

The system is not ready yet so in the meantime we are going to buy some records.

It has been a fun bank holiday and it has been sunny for once! I am looking forward to spending the next one listening to our first turntable system.

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