Grillstock Festival 2016

Bristol Harbourside

Grillstock Festival is finally here! We need something cheerful after the Brexit result and England’s exit from Euro 2016.

Grillstock Festival 2016

It has been rainy all week but today’s weather has been brilliant!

A sea of people…

A Sea of People

…means long queues for drinks.

Long Queues for Drinks

It took us easily half an hour to get to the bar. What can we do to solve this problem?

Main Stage

Somebody is doing a cup tower challenge…

Main Stage

not quite…

Cup Tower Challenge

…and looks like he has done it! Did that guy actually collect all those cups?

Cup Tower Challenge

The Fratellis!

7.30pm. This is the main event for us and the reason we are here at the festival. See the Fratellis.

The Fratellis

We wriggled our way through the crowd and managed to get close to the front in time for Chelsea Dagger. The atmosphere was superb!

The Fratellis

The Levellers!

To be honest I did not know the Levellers until today. If I had known this band I would not have been so distracted by those Mr Bean face masks.

The Levellers

The band put on a very energetic performance pogoing through much of their set. We literally felt the heat! Even though I was not familiar with any of their songs I thoroughly enjoyed it.

The Levellers

A Flock of Seagulls!

I mean real ones. They are on standby on one of the beer tents. I did not get pooed on for once, phew.

A Flock of Seagulls

Beautiful Horses and Friendly Police Officers

The officers let us stand in between the horses and take photos. One suggested that we stroke their shoulders. They are very friendly and kind. Thank you for making Bristol a safe city!

Friendly Police Officers and Horses

What a fantastic day it has been (well, apart from my undercooked burger) at the Bristol harbourside!

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