Stop 0x0000007B Error on Booting Windows 7

Upgrading from Windows 7 to Windows 10 It was Monday morning. I attempted to upgrade my work PC to Windows 10. My colleagues were able to upgrade to Windows 10 very easily so I thought it’d be a piece of cake. Unfortunately it wasn’t an easy and smooth process for me and took a few hours to complete. The upgrade failed with the following error: We couldn't update the system reserved partition.

Automated Deployments using Wercker

Hugo + GitHub + Wercker This website is hosted from my GitHub repository. Every time I commit changes to that repository, the website is built and deployed automatically with Wercker. This is great as it means I can concentrate on writing! If you want to achieve the same workflow, you should follow this excellent tutorial from the official Hugo site. But Something Went Wrong Everything was working as expected for a few weeks until one day I recevied a deploy error from Wercker.